About Us

About Us


brings together highly skilled project management professionals who lead the way with expert market insight, enabling the delivery of results beyond our clients’ expectations.

Our project experience spans across multiple facets of highly complex projects. We work collaboratively to service all client’s expectations in both the public and private sectors by leveraging off our extensive knowledge base and varied skillset.

Commercially orientated and technically focused, our people draw from a broad range of project history within the industry. With impressive credentials, our team deliver on major and minor capital works and technical projects for commercial, retail, and industrial assets.

Our objective is to manage the development and execution of any project successfully. We align our skillset and knowledge to service the delivery requirement through our diligent procedure’s framework.

As a result, we can carefully guide all stakeholders through each phase of a project. Having a significant understanding of any client brief, we deliver on program, a high degree of quality and maintain budget parameters.

FMX delivers:

  • Exceptional project management from inception to completion and throughout DLP.
  • Reduction in overall costs through innovative solutions for all our clients.
  • Leveraging existing knowledge of base building infrastructure & technology to streamline integration of services.
  • Early risk identification and implement solutions across any facet of the project.
  • Value add that optimises sustainability initiatives.
  • In-depth knowledge of WHS, building code and compliance.
  • Key project deliverables aligned to program execution, budgetary requirements and compliance documentation.

Our Difference

We draw from a broad range of project experience from our previous roles at tier-one companies, managing assets for major institutional landlords, and time spent at global property consultancies. This depth of experience drives our point of difference.

Our technical knowledge is highly sought after within the industry as we can fuel the upfront strategic advice on major projects at a national level. Through our collective understanding of projects, we have the ability to deliver on complex briefs including advisory on restructuring life cycle Capital Expenditure plans, to assist with commercial forecasting.

We go beyond meeting deadlines, to deliver on quality and proficiency that exceed client expectations.


We strive to achieve the best results possible, hold ourselves accountable, respect colleagues and clients alike in everything we do. We value diversity and aim to demonstrate innovation across all suites of services.

FMX recognises the importance and responsibilities of safety, wellbeing and compliance in all aspects of a project at both a commercial and contractual level.

We maintain integrity in our approach through our unique proposition, establishing trust and retaining longstanding relationships with our clients.


We are confident and proud of our service offering to our clients. The depth of talent in our team enables us to allocate the most senior and experienced resources to provide the most appropriate advice. As a result, we have the expertise, skillset, and knowhow to provide our clients with the services they require to deliver on the scope of works they provide.

We leverage our in-depth experience of building operations, day- to-day functionality, building infrastructure knowledge, speculative fit outs, tenancy works, and complex capital expenditure works to manage any project from inception to completion.

Our combined knowledge of property, developments and construction is underpinned by a broad suite of experience which ensures we meet the highest standards of quality assurance.